How we got from Buckhaven to here.

Tools of the Trade

From this starting point, I have tried to collect and amalgamate the many resources that I’ve gathered through the years. There will be photo albums, slideshows, personal musings, perhaps the odd movie, reflections and, of course, music.

there’s no accounting for taste.

I do not feel that I own these artifacts. I am merely their temporary custodian. So feel free to share them, pass them on and make them known. That’s my reason for creating this site.

I will try to ensure that the journey is not too boring, however;

There’s no accounting for taste.

You can follow me by choosing one of the links that follow and seeing where it leads. You might see yourself, you might see others or complete strangers.

It is, to quote a popular song title,

“A Magical Mystery Tour”.

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